If you are interested in exploring the possibility of clinical supervision with me please make contact and we can set up a preliminary meeting to discuss this further.

My clinical supervision practice facilitates a relational embodied approach. I adhere to Hawkins and Shohet's 7 eyed model and I have been trained by Gestalt Centre Belfast in Dr Sean Gaffney's "Working at One Remove" approach. This was an intensive and thorough training programme lasting 2 years (116 hrs tutor input in a small group).

The supervision I offer is suitable for counsellors working within agencies, in private practice and for students (tripartite / quadripartite contracts can be set up as appropriate).  I participate in consultation / supervision for my supervision practice which safeguards best practice and contributes significantly to my ongoing professional development as a supervisor. 

My fee for clinical supervision is £40 per hour / £55 per 1.5 hour session.  The preliminary meeting is free of charge.