Jungian Sandplay is a powerful therapeutic technique which supports our natural capacity for healing.  Despite the name, it is not "play" per se and it is effective for adults as well as children. 

Siana McGarvey Jungian Sandplay Belfast Psychotherapy and Counselling

If you choose, you would be invited to use sand, water and miniature objects within a large rectangular tray.   Portraying something symbolically as opposed to talking about it can be particularly helpful for people who are feeling stuck, insecure, out of touch with their "true self" or as if they have lost direction in life.  Sandplay also makes therapy more accessible for those who find it hard to talk or for those who need to work at a level which is simply unreachable verbally, eg. due to stemming from very early life or traumatic experiences. 

The process works in a similar way to how the scenes, storylines and characters within our dreams can express feelings and work through issues we may be barely consciously aware of.  Indeed sandplay has been referred to as a "waking dream" (Dora Kalff).

You may be aware of the idea of the mind as an iceberg (credit to Freud), and the theory that the vast majority of what holds and drives us lies beneath that which we can see, think or "grasp" with our minds.  As sandplay can work simultaneously with both conscious and unconscious processes it has the potential to bring a sense of liberation and "connection" to the self on a deep level.   In essence this leads to a more integrated and “freer” experience of life so that we live more fully "as we really are".

Sandplay can work well alongside talking therapy and can be used as and when you wish during sessions.  I do not analyse or interpret your tray and you are free to share as much or as little as you wish during and after the process.  It isn't right for everyone, and adults can sometimes worry about feeling "silly" or embarrassed.  This embarrassment usually passes very quickly once you begin and there is no pressure to complete a tray every session. 

Although quite long and detailed, the following video gives good insight into what goes on in sandplay including the personal perspectives of two adult participants. 

Please feel free to contact me to discuss further.  You may also like to consider yourself about the significance of sand, water and symbols.  For example, spend some time reflecting about your own associations and earliest memories of sand.  The video below provides an introduction to its fascinating and timeless qualities.